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Used machines

Plants for the production and repair of "rubber" conveyor belts

Plants and machines in the wood industry

Machines and devices for the production of "NC" gunpowder

Machines and devices for the production of celluloid mass

Hydraulic presses

Two rollers


Kneaders - mixers

Heating plates for presses

General overhaul of the working part of the mixer

Reconstructions, repairs, spare parts

Fire hydrants

Welcome to our website!


Founded: 1991

Founders: Group of engineers with years of experience in the field of engineering.

Field of work: Development, engineering and manufacturing production facilities, machines and devices in the industry of: rubber and plastic; friction materials; gunpowder; wood and furniture; paper; construction materials...
Modernization and overhaul of existing machines and devices and production of spare parts.

We are at your disposal to meet your demands and needs!

Production program

Production plants

Modernization and overhaul of facilities
Modernization and overhaul of plants

Production machines and devices

Spare parts program

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